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Acne cleaner

We all to often think what’s the big deal with washing are skin with soap it’s just to keep us clean wrong if you have acne different story all together friendsHaving acne problem gives you the task of having to do a bit of extra skin care each work .If you have acne then picking the right cleanser
is a must for helping get rid of the bacteria that makes the hair follicles lead to breakouts.Using a powerful cleaning soluton such as Manuka honey removes the dead cells on the surface of your skin which by using manuka medicationHaving the right cleanser is a must for you when you need a cleanser that powerful enough to the remove the dirt from are skin and keep it clean and please be careful of harsh soaps cleaners on any part of your skin since you are just asking for trouble and can  easy cause your skin to flare-up on your existing acne problemsAsking  your  dermatologist  give advice on prescription is a very smart idea please over-the-counter cleanser that will works on  acne-prone skin, problems but please  pay close attention to your daily acne skin care routine since small changes can make it go right or wrong

Which  skin Cleansers Should I Use great question?

You would be easy able to get a cleanser for yourself in most cases online on some of the suppliers we can recommend and its not how much you spend that matters most if it helps you or does not each
Aloe Vera Gel

Stay away from face soaps that contain alkaline PH which can be very damaging on your skin and when shopping pick cleaners that will work on acne prone skins.Some brands of face soap have a very alkaline pH, which can be irritating and drying on your skin. When shopping for cleansers that work well on acne-prone skin, here’s what to look for: 
  • Clean for skin care product that is gentle on the skin and nonabrasive and alcohol free cleaner to keep your skin safer from acne prone problems
  • Advice is here from you on are website 24/7 and please find a acne cleanser for your  problem for your type acne treatment problem 
  • pick a product that matches your skin type such as oily,dry or mixture of two skin types
  • Pick a skin care product that actually has stuff into fight acne like we sell so you get rid of acne and improve your skin looks.  Medicated which contains some acne fighting ingredients such  as salicylic acid or sodium sulfacetamid or benzoyl or peroxide which can easy help clare up the skin while cleaning it for you and salicylic acid helps clear up the nasty problem of blocked pores and also thankfully reduces swelling and redness of the skin and benozoyl peroxide exfoliates  the skin areas and kills of the nasty bacteria which causes the acne problems and sodium sulfacetamide interferces with the growth of bacteria to top it cauing you problems in life
  • Aim for keeping your skin hydrated the best you can by looking for cleansers that contain emollients(petrolatum,lanolin,mineral oils and ceramids) or humectants,(glycerin) is a must since hols moisture in your skin and alphahydroxy acids smooths of rough skin areas for you
  • After doing a cleansing of the skin it can be very smart to add a toner to restore a more natural balance back to your skin.
  • Exfoliating regular is a good way to remove dead skin cells which will a great way to keep your skin pores open and will allow the natural oil we all have in are skin to drain away before it causes more acne on are skin
  • After washing try and use a moizturizer labled “non-comedogenic” which means it will not clog your skin pores a good moisturier will prevent your skin from expericing dehydrating  and by using products with Benzoyl Peroxide this can lead to your skin being becoming dry and if you have the oily type of skin a cleaner than contains moisturizer may be all you need to keep your skin looking nice


Want a cool fancy wee tool for getting rid of acne well we have  you sorted here now?


Some cool skin care basics for you

Two times a day routine for you . Wash your face every morning after you have woke and again before you go to sleep or if you are sweaty after a workout now the right time to rinse your face with water


Perspiration  means the process of sweating which can lead to greater acne problems.  A wee tip  for you is each time you have a wash apply a little cleanser to your fingertips . Gently rub  on your face never rush this or can go wrong for you and avoid scrubing it roughly because it can dry out your skin and don’t use sponges since many of them can be bad irritate your skin remember are skin are sensetive and need cared for not a lot of rough stuff. Be keen to stop your acne problem coming since it can come on most parts of your skins so you need to treat other parts of your body with the same love and care you give to your face as well and protect your skin as much as you can and skin care does not end when you leave the bathroom it should be a part of your life if you want to wear a sunscreen try and get one that is at least SPF of 30 or more than offers both UVA and UVB protection to help shield your skin from the wrath of the sunlight

Wter or light liquid based sunscreen is best for acne prone skin types and limit your time in the sun each time to no cause acne problems or other skin scare problems outside and wear a hat to keep you protected more