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About Us

Well first thanks for taking a interest in us.


We are a group of people who have seen many different people suffer with acne in big a way and we were surprised how so many different people were not willing to help them  when it can easy be very deadly which why we provide advice for people with acne for how to get rid of it and also provide you with the right stuff to have you acne gone fast


My complete name is Blair Alistair Urquhart

I had been born Inverness so yes I actually do possess a broad  Inverness voice and that i do sometimes use Inverness expressions for things such as”Rightly enough”


Inverness is overall a pleasant however a bit quiet for many people to reside because it comes with lots of pretty parts however for living their and becoming employment can be difficult unless of course you earn money online much like me

I resided in Inverness for until I arrived at age 11.5 and that i visited both Homeschool and Lochardill half then next I next gone to live in Nairn and visited Rosebank school that was created with a captain known as Rose after which I visited Nairn Academy .

Well I found residing in Nairn very fun since most people are extremely nice beaches their are wonderful fun and also the many pretty parts are great just to walk around and all sorts of chipshops in Nairn are perfect incidentally and pretty near to Inverness or Aberdeen if you wish to go somewhere bigger for any day approximately

I gone to live in Blairgowie now and that i visited Blairgowrie high or because it was known Fight Field high in the here we are at the countless number of kids who got bullied their. I discovered Blairgowrie incredibly boring home but the benefit of living their you are able to easy visit Dundee or Perth without notice since Blairgowrie essentially in the center of Perth and Dundee so you’ve access 2 schools and 2 Variations and when you are to Perth or Dundee you are able to easy reach Glasgow or Edinburgh or Inverness or most places quite fast in Scotland or even the relaxation from the united kingdom

Now in Scone however this is really known as New Scone since their is really 2 places calles Scone near Perth but both of them are within reason a easy walk from Scone to Perth might be done Scone just a real small place I discovered it incredibly boring in my experience its perfect retirement place since hardly any trouble their

Now i gone to live in Brechin not really a lot continues their except a significant rough home unless of course you’ve got a vehicle its unattainable anywhere without considerable time and work and so i only remained for approximately 3 days then gone to live in Perth

Perth is fairly awesome because you can reach essentially any place in Scotland very fast plus includes a college and you can aquire a job okay their was and simple operate in Dundee or Glasgow or Edinburgh if you would like and most people their are very nice.

Brechin again however this time just 30 days i then gone to live in Glasgow .

Glasgow is a superb home because the individuals are a lot fun and a great deal of jobs and lots of schools their and a pair of colleges and clearly the primary Scottish teams are located in Glasgow aside from Hearts and Hibs and Aberdeen and experience you can get in Glasgow is totally unique since weegies the reputation for someone from Glasgow like getting fun and overall even oo many people write out Glasgow so rough due to the Icecream wars it is not rough unless of course you bypass as being a jerk or annoying people and I must live their again sooner or later .

Elgin for me personally its for example weird home because when the folks their act and I wouldn’t recommend you go their which why after i leave Elgin returning to Inverness then doing a variety of other activities

Hobbies include:

Watching football

Playing pool

Doing offers,


hearing music

Sometimes singing or raping


night outs

telling jokes


having fun with pets

Website design

ps any questons just ask me