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Discover Glowing Clear Skin Now!

I don’t know a thing about you, but I’ll bet that you just like everyone wants glowing clear skin that is firm and skin photoblemish-free, but when you look around, you realize that most people don’t have it. Even our famous celebrities use tons of makeup to “cover up” their problems. They promote cosmetics like “Cover Girl” that contain ingredients that are damaging to our skin’s health and appearance.

Times are changing. People are beginning to realize that all of the synthetic chemicals that have been the workhorses of the cosmetic and food industries are not actually good for our health. Naturalists believe that these chemicals are the cause of the high cancer rates and other diseases that we see. So, now, it is easier to find cosmetics and other personal care products that contain all natural ingredients, processed in such a way to make them feel wonderful and actually benefit the skin’s health.

Your first step towards glowing clear skin may be to go through your bathroom cabinets and shower stalls, discarding products that contain petrolatum, mineral oil, paraffin wax, triclosan, petroleum based alcohols like ethyl and methyl, parabens, thimerosal, artificial dyes and added fragrances. For cologne, use a small amount of an essential oil, like lavender or rosewater. If you want to be extra safe, put it on your clothing, rather than your skin.

All of the ingredients mentioned above are common allergens and irritants. They either clog the pores or strip natural oils, which stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more and more oils, which build up and cause blemishes. They change the natural pH balance, which encourages bacterial growth and increases the risk of infection.

Of course, you may have to buy all new products, so you’ll need to know what to look for. For cleansing, the best ingredients are tea tree oil and manuka honey. These have natural antibacterial activity and antioxidant activity.

Always follow your cleanser with a moisturizer that contains ingredients that nourish, balance sebum production and support the skin’s natural rejuvenation processes. For glowing clear skin, you need to stimulate the cell turnover rate. Deep within the skin’s layers, new cells are forming. These cells gradually make their way to the surface, pushing away older damaged cells. To support this process, some folks recommend exfoliation, but that causes irritation and inflammation, which leads to blemishes.

My recommendation for glowing clear skin is a cream containing Functional Keratin, which has been shown in clinical studies to increase the production of new cells. Instead of causing inflammation, Functional Keratin works against it by inhibiting the production of inflammatory compounds, known as PGE2.

If you’re a man that shaves, the best shaving lubricant is plain grape seed oil. When you finish shaving, you should follow up with a cream that contains Functional Keratin, because shaving increases inflammation and contributes to blemishes.

Now that you are armed with this information, as for makeup, buy natural and organic products made from minerals and plant extracts. They may be harder to find, but if you really want glowing clear skin, it’s worth your effort to look for them.


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