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How to Convert Ice Hockey World

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Zdeno Chara is regarded as the superlative ice hockey defenseman in Slovak. He is the leader of Bruins of National Hockey League. He led the team win the Norris Trophy in the season of 2008-09. And he is the highest player in the NHL. In the year of 2001 to 2006, Chara was a Ottawa ice hockey player. He became elite defensemen in the team. And in this season, he improved his attack technique. In the year of 2002-03, Chara entered his first All-Star Game. And he got the title of the second hardest shot in the skills competition. In the following year, Chara owned the title of the top three highest plus/minus, including his first Norris Trophy nomination. Subsequently, he signed a contact with the Boston Bruins in 2006. And he was also the captain in the Bruins. The great thing is that he is the third person who born in Slovak to become the team leader in NHL. He received the name of 2007 All-Star Game. He got the first position in the hardest shot session in the technique competition.
In the year of 2008, he injured the left shoulder. Yet under a 5 months recovering, he played the rest of the games in that season. In the bottom of the season, Chara got his second nomination of the Norris Trophy. He broke the past record. During the year of 2008-09, Chara got the fourth time to play in All-Star Game. He started a charity movement to raise money for the poor. During the campaign, they raised 24,000 dollars from six competitions and their honorable team. He established a new data in the Technique Match.

Nevertheless, Chara hit his opponent who suffered an injury. At last, the injured had to stay in the bench during the game. He was carried away from the ice field. In the following day, he was diagnosed as the 4th vertebra and a severe concussion. For this reason, Chara was charged as a five minutes penalty and a game misconduct. The evidence hadbeen sent to the supervisor. Although the operations decided not to run this accident, but the police had already started to investigate this affair.

Before starting to play hockey his coach thought he was better to play the basketball. As the tallest player in the league, Chara is a good defender and a all-developed guard in all aspects. He is also the representative of such leader. He can make a high throw and have a great weight. He is suitable to fight with others. His ambition can fulfill the energy of the team. The most important thing is that he has great organization ability. Although he has a heavy weight, he is able to eject 180 kilometers every hour. Every doorkeeper is afraid of him. The spectator is also in fear of his strong power. He can do a good job with several difficulties. Chara owns an iron common figure. Chara only has lag spike and toothed wheel. The human is difficult to contend with Chara. In Chara’s opinion, satisfaction is not equal with the fate and condescension. The success cannot be destroyed for your waiting. It just means that your ambition is not easy to achieve like those touchable goals. If you can work hard, you will success in the end.

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